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Loft Conversion Ideas


A bedroom is one of the most common uses for a loft conversion, and it’s not hard to see why. It adds value to a home, can help you to meet the demands of a growing family, and can also give you space for guests to stay. Whether you are planning to create a new master bedroom or want a dedicated guest bedroom, your loft is the perfect place to do it.


Of course, you don’t just have to use your newly converted loft as a space to sleep. It can also make a great dressing room or a snug where you retreat to at the end of the day.

Home Office

With more and more people working at home, it’s natural to want an office space to call your own. Converting your loft is the perfect way to free up some of the available space in your home for you to work in. We have converted several lofts in Essex into home offices, working with each client’s individual needs in mind. Having a space that’s just for work will allow you to effectively separate your personal and professional life, even when you are working from home.


Study/Hobby Space

A converted loft is also a great place for a study. If you have hobbies that you would love to explore but just don’t have the space for right now, converting your loft could allow you to do that. It could function as a music room, a crafting/art studio, and so much more! When you work with us, the possibilities really are endless.



If everyone in your household squabbles over taking too long in the bathroom in the mornings, it could be time to add another one to your property. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a bedroom with an en suite or you just want a bathroom, as we will be able to make it happen. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a walk-in shower/wet room, or you want a big bath to soak in, there are so many options when it comes to designing a loft conversion bathroom.


Prayer/Meditation Room

You may want your loft to be somewhere where you can come to do some quiet reflection. Many of our clients use their converted lofts as somewhere they can practise yoga and meditation, and others want to use theirs as a prayer room. Whatever you are looking for from the space, we’ll endeavour to make it as tranquil as possible.


Living Space

Sometimes, you just need a little extra living space. A loft can offer lots of room, making it an ideal second living area. Whether you’re envisioning a space just for the kids, an adult-only zone, or a room where everyone can come together, we will be able to make your vision a reality. A loft can also make for a wonderful granny annexe, providing a contained living space within your property.


Loft Conversion Styles

Here at Add a Room, we offer a number of different loft conversion styles


  • Dormer loft conversions – a Dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular and versatile kinds of loft conversion, and you’ll see it on many properties. Whether you live in a terraced, semi-detached or detached property, a dormer style loft conversion will boost the available space in your loft and give you all the room you need.
  • Hip to Gable loft conversion – if your home has three or four separate standing sides to the roof, a Hip To Gable loft conversion can be by far the best option. We can extend one/two of the three/four sides to the outside wall, from where we will go on to build up the gable/gables.
  • Velux conversion – if you already have enough headroom in your loft, then a Velux loft conversion is the best possible option for you. No major structural extensions are normally required, and Velux windows will let in so much natural light – making the space feel much lighter and welcoming.

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