How to get planning permission for a house extension

How to get planning permission for a house extension

Are you thinking about extending your home? Then you aren’t alone, as more and more people are looking to add extensions to their properties rather than move. However, there are some things that you may need to consider before you proceed with extending your home. We’re here to answer the two most pressing questions our clients have: ‘do you need planning permission for an extension?’, and ‘how to get planning permission for a house extension’.

Do you need planning permission for an extension?

This is the question that we are probably asked the most, and it’s easy to see why! Planning disputes can be disruptive and costly, so it makes much more sense to find out what the rules are beforehand and then follow them. Planning rules known as ‘permitted development rights allow you to extend a house without needing to apply for planning permission. This is as long as specific criteria are met, and the plans for your extensions fall within certain limitations. If you are going to exceed those, then it is likely that you will need to apply for planning permission. Some properties do also have their “permitted rights” removed, often on newly built housing estates.

Of course, if your property is listed or you live in a conservation area, then you will probably need to apply for planning permission in all circumstances. If in doubt, reach out to your local authorities.

With all extensions we carry out, when using Add A Room’s full design and build service we always check this on your behalf and apply for a “certificate of lawfulness” or full planning permission as required.

How to get planning permission for a house extension?

If you do need to get planning permission, then you will have to ensure that you apply to the relevant bodies. This can be done online, but if you require further advice, we recommend reaching out to your local council’s planning department. They will be able to answer your questions in detail and provide guidance as you take your next steps. When you do apply for permission, you will need to submit the detailed plans for your extension – which will be something that we will provide also when using our services.

We’re here to help

If you want to find out more about extending your property, we would love to hear from you. We work on all kinds of homes and would be delighted to help you obtain the relevant permission and help your property fulfil all of its potential. Get in touch to find out more.