10 Loft Conversion Ideas For your Future Conversion

10 Loft Conversion Ideas For your Future Conversion

How to Transform Your Loft Space

As the specialists in loft conversion Essex property owners trust, we know how to best utilise a converted loft. Here are ten of our most valuable suggestions:

Guest suite

Do you find yourself short on space when you have guests come to stay? Then why not turn your loft into a stunning guest suite? If you include an en-suite bathroom, you’ll give them all the privacy you need – and cut out any disruption for the rest of the household.

Hobby space

If you have a hobby, your loft could be the perfect space to dedicate to that. You’ll be able to concentrate and lose yourself in your interests much better, and also keep all of your hobby materials in one place.

Embrace the features of your loft

A loft has different dimensions to other rooms in your home, but try to work with those existing features where you can! The sloping roof and beams can add a great feel to the space, and décor and lighting can really showcase them.

A new master bedroom

Wouldn’t you love a master bedroom that feels a little more separate to the rest of your home, allowing you to really relax and unwind at the end of a long day? A loft conversion is perfect for this – and can also add serious value to the property of your home.

A layout that works for you

Depending on the size and shape of your loft, you may be able to choose between an open plan or a space that is sectioned. We’ll be able to advise you if this is possible. If so, your loft could serve as a home office and a place for your children to study.

Child’s play area

If you are fed up with your children’s toys cluttering up the rest of your home, it could be time to turn your loft into a dedicated play area. It’s a space that can really grow with youngsters too, serving their needs well into their teens!

Boost natural light

When converting your loft, it’s really important to make the most of all the natural light that you can. Velux loft conversions are ideal for lofts that only need some windows to make the space work, and Dormer and hip-to-gable conversions will give you even more light and space. Don’t forget to invest in some great blinds!

A spacious dressing room

A loft conversion makes for a great dressing room, and is the perfect place to house a large collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. With the addition of built-in wardrobes, you won’t want to get dressed anywhere else!

Make the most of the view

A loft conversion will make use of the very highest space in your property, so it makes sense to do all that you can to accentuate the view when you’re thinking about the layout. Consider a seating area by the window(s) for maximum impact.

Gaming room

Are you or someone else in your household a gamer? A loft conversion is the perfect place to house all of your gaming equipment, allowing you to build a haven where you can get lost in your favourite game.

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