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Loft Conversions Chelmsford

Lofts are spaces that are all too often left un-utilised, serving as nothing more than storage space or even just sitting empty. If you have always wanted to unlock the potential of your loft, we are here to give you all the help and assistance that you need. Ours are the loft conversions Chelmsford customers trust, and we offer a number of different styles. We currently design and build hip to gable, dormer and Velux loft conversions – with full project management included.

Types of Loft Conversion Available

A loft conversion is one of the most cost-effective ways of boosting the space in your home. Not only can it create some much needed space, but it can also add up to 15-20% extra value to your home. The Chelmsford loft conversions that we specialise in include:

  • Dormer loft conversions – a Dormer loft conversion is the most versatile conversion. It’s a simple extension to the existing roof and is suitable for a variety of house types including terraced, semi-detached and detached.
  • Hip to Gable loft conversion – a Hip To Gable loft conversion is usually built when a home has three separate standing sides to the roof, which is then extended to the outside wall, where we build up the gable.
  • Velux conversion – a Velux loft conversion is the perfect option for a smaller loft conversion where there is already adequate height in the existing loft space. This style of conversion is the easiest one to complete without altering the shape of your existing roof.

How Much Will A Loft Conversion Cost?

When it comes to the price of a loft conversion, we will provide you with a full detailed quotation showing all involved, and we will carry out work in line with your budget.

We are here to make the design and build process as smooth and stress-free as possible. As a result of our impeccable design and building skills, you will be able to focus on the final finishing touches and turning your vision into a reality!

We follow all current building and planning regulations, and will liaise with all parties involved throughout the process. Our core values are centred on service, quality and value for money, and we are proud to raise the bar to complete the most functional and stunning Chelmsford loft conversions.

Why Choose Add A Room?

If you are looking to add more space in your home, we are the perfect team to help. We are Add a Room, and over the years we have made a name for ourselves with property owners all over Chelmsford. We will be able to help you bring the vision you have for your home to life. We know that all of our clients have different needs and requirements, and that’s why we carefully tailor our services to suit the demands of each project.

We’re an experienced team, and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible results on projects of all sizes. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and we have worked with a wide range of clients in that time. No request is too much to handle – we’ll just take everything that you want on board and come up with a design that meets your needs, is workable for your home, and is within budget. With a 10 year structural guarantee on all builds included as standard, you can work with us with total peace of mind.

Book Your Loft Consultation Today

We offer a range of loft conversions here at Add a Room; if you are interested in a loft conversion in Chelmsford, we can arrange for a member of our team to visit your property and advise you which is most suited to your home. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation.