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House Extensions Brentwood

Do you love your home, but find that it just doesn’t have the space that you need any more? Don’t worry, there’s no need to put in on the market! With a house extension, you can stay in the home that you love, all while benefiting from the extra space that you and your household need. We are Add a Room, and we are the designers and builders of house extensions Brentwood homeowners trust.

Why House Extensions in Brentwood Are Popular

Do you know someone who has extended their home? Chances are you do, as it’s something that has become more and more popular in recent years. We have worked with a wide range of clients on properties of varying sizes and styles, creating beautiful single storey and multi-level house extensions in Brentwood.

We will design an extension that showcases all of the reasons you fell in love with your home in the first place, while upgrading the aspects that don’t quite work for you. We have completed over 500 builds during our decade in the industry, establishing ourselves as some of the leading specialists in house extensions Brentwood has to offer.

Is a House Extension Right for Your Property?

There are many reasons why a house extension could be the natural next move for you. If your family has grown since you moved in, you may want some extra room so that your children can all have a bedroom of their own. Or maybe you’d love to give them a dedicated play area that’s separate from your main living space? On the other hand, you may long to entertain, but find that your home doesn’t offer you the space you need to have your family and friends over. No matter the reason, an extension will give you the space you need.

When it comes to house extensions in Brentwood, we love to get to know our clients. We’ll pay you a visit at a time that suits you. We’ll take a look around your property, and we’ll talk to you about what you’re looking for from your extension. This visit will be a relaxed, no-pressure affair with zero hard sell. That’s never been our style – we’re here to work in clear, constant collaboration with you, and you’ll always be the one taking the lead.

Designing and Building House Extensions in Brentwood

Nobody enjoys moving home! It’s stressful, requires so much paperwork, and is time-consuming. No wonder so many people are opting for a Brentwood house extension instead. We’re often asked if planning permission is required for a house extension. Most of the time it isn’t – but that will depend on the age of your home and the area in which you live. To be on the safe side, always check with the relevant local authorities. Even if you do need planning permission, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, making extending your home much less stressful than moving.

You can be sure that we will never cut any corners when it comes to building your house extension. We work in full compliance with all UK building regulations, and we place a big emphasis on health and safety. So you can be sure that the build will proceed smoothly from start to finish. We also pay an incredible amount of attention to detail, so you can be sure of a really high-spec finish on your extension.

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